fat loss myths to ditch right away

Woof! I’ve heard all of these over the years – have you?

  • If I am not losing fat, I am gaining it
  • If my inches go up, I am gaining body fat
  • If I lose fat, I will lose scale weight
  • I must focus on fat loss first before scale weight
  • If I have body fat to lose, that should be my one and only goal
  • I should be losing at the same rate every week
  • If I don’t lose weight, I should adjust my macros or exercise routine

And even if you haven’t heard these fat loss myths outright, I’d be curious if you internalized a version of them simply because you’re missing details about nutritional biochemistry – you just don’t get how fat loss even works 👀

It’s funny how you can fill in blanks and make things up in your head when you don’t have all the details. But you don’t have to be an expert to spot a fat loss myth. Keep following along here because we talk about this kind of stuff allllll the time.

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