habits that reduce stress load + increase resiliency

You’ll never lead a life without some stress – so what can you do to keep stress well managed?

Peep this post for a few simple habits that really do boost your resiliency to handle

The stress conversation is 2 fold: you want to do things to keep unnecessary stressors down, and do things that boost your resiliency to handle stressors that come along.

You’re probably already doing some things to boost your resiliency to handle stress on a regular basis:
>> exercising regularly
>> eating whole foods most of the time
>> journaling or meditation
>> taking walks
>> talking to friends and engaging your support people

…but when life throws you curve balls, you might have to scale back on stressors like intense exercise or drinking alcohol and boost up resiliency habits like eating enough calories and getting good, quality sleep. Combined, you mitigate the impact stress has on metabolism and hormones – which rule your ability to get strong, be fit and feel lean.

See how that works?

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