two truths about stress

Look 👏 Listen.

There are two sides to the stress coin.

One side: Taylor is a new Mom to a 10 month old baby. She’s back at work as a CPA in the middle of tax season where days seem to run together between late night bottle feeds, early morning Peloton rides and shoveling random food in between meetings. She’d probably tell you it’s been a hot minute since she’s actually sat down for an undistracted meal but that’s just working mom life, right?

Taylor’s stressed, therefore not nourishing her body.

Other side: Courtney loves her night job at the local hospital, has an awesome, very social group of friends – and her boyfriend of 2 years just proposed! Life is good (and full!), so it’s a bag of chips here, a granola bar there, and then everything in sight as soon as she gets a moment alone. If she was being honest, she’s not feeling too hot and it’s becoming tougher to stay alert and focused on her long night shifts – which makes her stressed and anxious.

Courtney’s not nourishing her body, therefore she is stressed.

Both can be true for different people. And as nutrition coaches, we’d love to see you work upstream to mitigate stressors so you have more bandwidth to make better food decisions that nourish your body. But, we also know that deciding you’re going to make better food decisions might actually help you be more organized, mindful and disciplined because you’ll have to prioritize several habits to make that happen.

Which ever season you find yourself in – we can help ❤️

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