things I don’t say anymore

Let’s normalize learning with experience.

>> Athletes don’t have a “look”. The most elite athletes of the world come in all shapes and sizes. And even if you always kind of knew this, it’s important to hear it and internalize it.

>> Breakfast is not any more important than dinner, dessert or a pre-workout meal.

>> Your scale weigh might matter *to you* and I won’t take that away from you. You can depend on me for education about the differences between scale weight and body composition, however. Health is not synonymous with “lower weight”.

>> People who say this calories don’t count are trying to capture attention. Calories count, but the calories from protein, fat, and carbohydrates give your body different instructions – and that matters.

>> Lifting might make you bulky. And also, bulky is a valid goal. Let’s stop assuming “bulky” is undesirable. We do know that lifting is the most efficient way to build strength and muscle. Muscle takes up less space on your frame than body fat, increases your metabolism, keeps you independent as you age, improves hormones and so much more.

>> Moderation is not a thing. Moderation for you is different than moderation for me is different than moderation for you partner, parent or peer. Question moderation when you hear it.

>> Sometimes you can’t “just ignore the scale”. Sometimes it provides helpful data. I teach you how to use it in conjunction with other metrics to understand what’s really going on – never just by itself.

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