high fat breakfast

high fat breakfast

Team drink your macros or team eat your macros?

Neither is right or wrong so you can just slow your scroll if you’re looking for me to comment on THAT. Instead, I’ll ask, as I always do, which is better for you and your unique needs?

Every meal is an opportunity to fill up on macros, micros and fiber. It’s an opportunity to influence how you look, feel and perform within a couple hours – even in the next couple days. It’s an opportunity to find joy in the preparation, the taste, texture, smell AND the company you share the meal with.

But in case I am not being CrYStAL clear: yes, you can still chase those vanity and athletic performance goals WHILE enjoying yo’ damn self with a high fat meal to start the day. Understanding which foods contribute which macros, and how that macro balance works for you is incredibly powerful 💥

Pictured here is full fat yogurt + coconut shavings + hemp seeds + walnuts // coffee + heavy cream + MCT oil + grassfed butter.

want to go from confused to confident?