5 Ways to Change Your Environment to Be More Successful

My most successful clients actively work to change their environment to support their goals because they know that it takes more than sheer willpower or discipline to stay consistent. They explore their social relationships, physical spaces, deeply held thoughts, attitudes and beliefs because all of these things are, what I would consider, your environment.

Here are some of the ways my most successful clients have adjusted their environment in order to support their nutrition goals.

TIP 1. unfollow social media that doesn’t make you feel good.

If it doesn’t leave you with a great feeling after scrolling, it’s not worth clouding your mental space or spending your mental energy on. If it confuses you, makes you feel like you’re not doing enough, reminds you of an older, less-wise version of yourself – break up with them!

TIP 2. move things around in your kitchen.

Research (and my clients’ success stories) shows that putting trigger foods far out of reach, works! What is at eye level in your fridge? What’s within arms reach in your pantry? Move the food that you don’t want to eat out of reach. Go one step further and put food that you do want eat more often in your immediate line of sight in the pantry, fridge and countertop.

TIP 3. spend less time with unsupportive people.

Misery loves company. If you’re making positive changes to your life, you might hear some quacking from people who are not. Think about who you spend the majority of your time with: coworkers, family members, neighbors, your partner. Do you need to have the hard conversations with them or do you simply need to spend less time with them?

TIP 4. buy clothes that fit your current body so you can be comfortable and confident.

This might not feel like it belongs here, but I’ve found that my most successful clients are the ones who understand that bodies don’t change to fit clothes – clothes change to fit bodies. It’s part of your environment and it effects your mindset. Adjusting your pants to tuck your belly behind the waistband when you sit or wearing two sports bras to flatten some back fat into your tank top – it ain’t fun. It’s distracting and prevents me from exuding confidence in what I say or do.

If you can spend money on hiring a coach for nutrition, you can afford to buy a couple shirts and pants to get you through a time where you’re working on changing your body composition. HECK! It might not even be temporary. This might BE your body now so dress it up in whatever makes you feel great.

TIP 5. speak or write affirmations.

…even if you don’t totally believe them about yourself (yet)! I can’t stress enough that your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs absolutely contribute to your environment and your success. If you’re having trouble believing that you’re worthy, capable, and deserving of what you’re pursuing – find some way to affirm it. Fake it till you make it.

If you want to make changes to your nutrition habits, you’re best off to begin with changing your environment. Once you start implementing these changes, like many of my clients, you will start to make those positive changes in your body composition as well.

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