how to blow your macros on a holiday weekend

I wasn’t “that bad”. ⁣

I deserved the dessert. ⁣

I only drink on the weekends. ⁣

I ate lighter to make room for dinner. ⁣

I only see these girls ever couple months. ⁣

The truth is, if you’re not tracking macros on the weekend, it’s much easier than you think to blow your macros by 800, 1000, even 1250+ calories without even trying. ⁣

Don’t believe me? Take a swipe to see some full day examples. ⁣

And yes, I’m usually talking about how ya’ll are probably not eating enough to see the lean, strong muscle gains and fat loss results that you want. ⁣

But the bigger picture? ⁣

Eating like a bird during the week, which might be intentional or unintentional, and mentally checking out on the weekends. ⁣

Don’t let this post freak you out! Rather, let it be a reminder than you absolutely can blow your progress over the weekend – and even if you’re not in one of those “YOLO” moods. ⁣

You’re better off⁣

1. with a macro prescription that encourages you to eat up to your needs (not drastically under them)⁣
2. tracking macros on most days to remind yourself how much food is appropriate for you⁣
3. making small changes to your eating pattern that move you closer to your goals at a steady pace. ⁣

If you need help with that VERY first step, download my DIY Macros Guide.

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