how to moderate alcohol and still have a good time

Wait, why is she talking about alcohol moderation on a Tuesday?

Because that’s what my clients and I are discussing as we look forward to the holiday weekend. ⁣

We know that body composition goals don’t just disappear on holiday weeks and weekends. So, take a peek at what my clients choose to do when there’s a potential that alcohol might disrupt your normal routine. ⁣

In addition to the tips you’ll find in this post, there are some more things you can do BEFORE and/or AFTER you drink to support your body in detoxification. Remember, to your body, alcohol is a toxic substance and its only priority is to get it out of the system ASAP. Consider some additional support habits:⁣

>> eat mostly real, whole foods in PFC balance on days you’re drinking to reap more nutrients, keep blood sugar balanced and stable⁣

>> pop a multivitamin or a B-complex supplement to give your body a nutrient boost since it doesn’t get any nutrients from alcohol and needs those extra nutrients for detox⁣

>> drink plenty of water and electrolytes to rehydrate ⁣

Ultimately, it’s habits like these that prevent a hangover, which might mean the difference between being active and choosing macro-friendly nutrient rich meals and… being a couch potato struggling with a case of the “f%%EDITORCONTENT%%amp;k its!”⁣

Can you see yourself trying any of these as you look forward to the weekend?⁣

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