how to catch up on protein by the end of the night

If you were looking for my high-protein food hacks in this post – so sorry to disappoint.

Here’s the deal – when you start comparing your typical eats against what your body really needs, it might be pretty shocking how far off you are from your targets. Here are some scenarios that I see most often:⁣

>> you wake up late and rush out without eating breakfast which eliminates an opportunity for a well rounded, macro-balanced meal.⁣

>> your co-workers treat you to lunch but the options are lousy and you eat less than you normally would.⁣

>> you are slammed all day and by the time you get a break, you can’t possibly stuff down all the food you’d planned for in one sitting.⁣

>> you don’t cook much and you rely on healthy, fast casual options – who knew they were so low protein!⁣

My best advice?⁣

Learn from the experience to prevent it from being a regular occurrence. The question shouldn’t be, “how can I catch up on XX macro tonight?”, but rather, “how can I do it differently tomorrow?” Tracking macros provides data and how you choose to act on that data can change your habits for the better.

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