macro friendly greek bowl

Coming off winter break feeling like you just got spit out of a tornado?⁣

Remember that your body is dynamic and responsive. There’s nothing that you can do in one day, or even a couple weeks that can cause irreparable “damage” to your progress towards long term goals. ⁣

Every meal is a choice to feel, look and perform differently.

Pictured here is a delicious, mixed macro meal for all my mediterranean loving peeps! Pairing a significant portion protein, fat and carbohydrates keeps you full, satisfied and energized all day long. ⁣

Protein in the meatballs + fat in the olives, cheese, tzatziki + carbohydrates in all the crunchy, colorful vegetables and rice. Personalize the dish for you by dialing up or down the P, F or C ingredients to hit your unique macro targets. ⁣

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