macro friendly yogurt parfait

Don’t let anyone tell you that meals have to look a certain way when you’re tracking macros.⁣

Remember, macro goals are a reflection of what your body needs to perform at its best. You get to choose what those meals look like to meet those goals. Love fat-rich meals? Eat up. Craving carbs today? Get ’em. Can’t decide? Grab a bit of both.⁣

When you’re tracking macros the question is no longer, “what can I have?”, it becomes, “what do I want?”

Pictured above…

>> fat focused yogurt bowl with unsweetened coconut (F) + pepitas (F) + flax seeds (F) + hemp seeds (F)⁣

>> macro balanced yogurt bowl with unsweetened coconut shavings (F) + mixed berries (C)⁣

>> carb focused yogurt bowl with granola (C) + apples (C) + bananas (C) + raisins (C)⁣

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