are you complicating nutrition?

If you’re looking to be perfect or “right” with nutrition, you’ll find yourself down any one of a hundred rabbit holes. Which one is the best?⁣

Think about the people who seem least overwhelmed about their food. What do they eat? Think about the people who respect and care for themselves. What are they eating? ⁣

They’re probably not experiencing a whole bunch of shame, guilt or stress when they eat. They probably aren’t following a ton of rules about timing. They probably aren’t eating only A foods on some days and B foods on other days. ⁣

If you were to really think about it, there’s probably a few common themes on between their plates: whole foods, lots of plants, some animals, colors, variety. ⁣

Kinda like this meal pictured here: whole foods, lots of plants, some animals, colors, variety. There’s a mix of each macronutrient (and obvious micronutrients too!). ⁣

I am not denying that people can experience extreme anxiety surrounding what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. But this is your reminder to zoom out and focus on the common themes between the plates of the people you admire because eating whole foods, honoring hunger – even sitting down to eat slowly – are forms of self respect and care. ⁣

Pictured here is chicken breast + olives + walnuts + arugula + cabbage + tomatoes for a bowl of self love in this busy season. 

If this is a struggle for you, I'm here to help