how to feel like sh*t when you’re trying to lose weight

You’ve got ✌️ choices: you can either go about things the way you always have, or you can choose to do them differently.

You don’t have to feel like 💩 when you’re trying to lose weight. Take it from my clients – most of them would say they didn’t feel deprived or restricted in pursuit of weight loss. Heck – many would say they got stronger, leaner and fitter in the process, too!

Here are some of the things you can expect from working with me + my team:

>> A slight to moderate deficit, not a drastic one⁣ which ensures you keep hormones happy and metabolism healthy. This is absolutely key if you’ve got goals to gain lean muscle and lose body fat at the same time.

>> A focus on macros, because by controlling the protein, fat and carbohydrate content of your food you’re giving the body gentle direction. Tracking macros is like speaking your body’s language and giving it clear instructions to lose body fat, not lean muscle – and so much more.⁣

>> Spending the most of your year NOT dieting to increase metabolism⁣ sets you up to burn more calories ALL the time which will lead to effortless maintenance of a body you feel comfortable in.

>> Having a plan for what to do after losing. Show me the person who lost weight over several months and kept it off forever 👏👏👏  because I know they learned how to show themselves respect through food.

>> No nonsense food rules! We don’t believe in restricting for restricting sake so that’s why you won’t hear foods labeled “good” and “bad” or “clean” and “dirty”. Part of the reason you’re so confused about what to eat is because someone else’s “allowed” list in another’s “never eat”. It’s time to break up with all that!

>> Learn how to improve your metabolism with habits and behaviors that are not related to nutrition. Even though we are food and nutrition experts, it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the “other” stuff that can impact your long term success.

I like it better over there – and our clients do, too.

And, you’ll learn all of these strategies in my Macros Made Easy course! Learn more below.

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