how to track

When I first started coaching with a macros approach, I was thrilled about the results my clients were seeing. ⁣

I quickly realized however, that their experience wasn’t the same as that of their piers in other macro-bro led programs 🤔⁣

>> were their macro target wrong for them?⁣
>> was it the client-coach relationship?⁣
>> was it misinformation from self-taught wannabe macro experts?⁣
>> was it all the *additional stuff* they were trying to do, too?⁣ fasting, carb cycling, meal timing – oh my!
>> were they’re macros set completely wrong?⁣

Maybe there was a little truth to all of those things. BUT after all the years I’ve been coaching, I know the biggest reason they were not as successful as my clients was because they were told “hit the numbers” at all costs – that’s the only thing that matters. ⁣

Uhh, what?⁣

It’s only a matter of time until you’ve got questions that need answers:⁣
>> what happens when I want to travel or go on vacation?⁣
>> what happens when I want to eat something that doesn’t have a label?⁣
>> what happens when I unexpectedly get busy and can’t eat the way I planned?⁣
>>what happens when I forget to grocery shop?⁣
>> what happens when I need a macro adjustment?⁣
>> what happens when I need to make meals for my whole family?⁣
>> what happens when I want to stop tracking macros as diligently!⁣

Incorporating a macros approach is so much more than just “hitting the numbers”. And I know that’s why you haven’t been successful with it yet. ⁣

I created Macros Made Easy as an affordable option for the person who understands how macros could totally work for them, but can’t seem to make it click easily into their busy, full life. We talk about all the stuff that surrounds the numbers, because that’s the only way you’re going to find the freedom and flexibility that you need with your nutrition while seeing the results you’re looking for. ⁣

Let this be your first (or last!) attempt at embracing a macros approach.

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