ways to fire up your metabolism

Is your metabolism like a tiny match or a burning campfire 🔥⁣

This is such a hot (pun intended) topic that we *had* to create an entire bonus in Macros Made Easy all about it. We dive into each one of these factors so you can get the most out of your metabolism, especially if you are coming from a chronic dieting past.

But only in Macros Made Easy! 💥

>> Ditch your chronic cardio and intense HIIT for strength training. You’ll build lean muscle which burns more calories all the time. Plus, it’s far less stressful on the body.⁣

>> Your body is tired of dieting! Maybe instead of losing, cutting, shredding, you try eating at enough to support your needs so you nourish and fuel your metabolism. ⁣

>> Banish crash diets and juice cleanses that promise quick results. You know it’s just water weight AND it’s leaving your metabolism in the tank. ⁣

>> Sleep. You probably need to sleep more than you need that 5 AM workout – no really!⁣

>> Aim to move more in your daily life walking, standing, parking farther away, taking the stairs – it all counts.

>> Eat more protein. Did you know simply eating protein triggers muscle building? Just the act of eating more will stoke that metabolic fire. ⁣

>> Eat more total calories. Your metabolism is manipulatable – the more you eat the higher it is and the less you eat the lower it is.

>> Alcohol redirects metabolism. Not only does it contain unusable calories and puts extra stress on the body to detox, fat loss and lean muscle building are paused.⁣

>> Aim to have a macro balanced plate with protein, fat and carbohydrate source included at each meal. This leads to balanced blood sugar which can sets up for healthy metabolism and ensures your meal is filling, satisfying and contains a variety of nutrients.⁣

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