most common problems seen in clients chasing fat loss goals

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Eating more calories and eating more protein are habits at the root of each of each client – but even though that sounds simple, it’s not always *easy* to do.

You’re battling years (decades?) of feeling like you’re probably eating too much. You’re trained to ignore your body’s signs and signals which makes it hard to recognize when something’s wrong (or right!). Crash diet marketing is really sexy and it’s all you’ve known! It’s hard to feel confident in a slow, sustainable and healthy approach that respects your body.

If you see yourself in any of my most common clients, and you’re half DIYer and half in need of some professional guidance – that’s why we created Macros Made Easy. I take all the guesswork out of a macros approach and teach you eat to your needs with ease. Learn how and when to switch your macros when your goals change or when you plateau with your progress.

want to go from confused to confident?