how to feel like sh!t when you’re trying to lose weight

Here are 3 big things that matter when setting up for a painless and easy fat loss phase:⁣

>> a slight/moderate deficit, not a drastic one⁣

A slight/moderate calorie deficit ensures you keep hormones happy and metabolism healthy – both are are key for female fat loss btw, while still allowing for fat loss and lean muscle gain. Slashing calories to a drastic deficit will be uncomfortable, unsustainable and might mean you risk losing strong, curvy muscles in the process.⁣

>> a focus on macros, not on calories because this influences everything⁣

Tracking macros puts you in the driver’s seat of how you want to feel, look and perform. By controlling the protein, fat and carbohydrate content of your food you’re giving your body gentle direction for how to function. Put another way: if macros are like the language your body speaks, tracking macros is like using that language to give your body clear instructions.⁣ Contrast that with counting calories, which just affects your body weight. ⁣

>> spending the majority of your year NOT dieting to increase metabolism⁣

Dieting is stressful on the body and most of your time should be spent not attempting to lose weight. Truthfully, your success in a fat loss phase largely hinders on the time and energy you put in when you’re NOT dieting. ⁣

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