how to phase your macros across a whole year

Click through to see what macro phasing might look like for 4 different ladies. remember, there are endless reasons why you might want to move through deficit, maintenance, reverse and surplus – each serves a purpose. ⁣

So what’s going on with Monica? 🙎‍♀️⁣

Monica is *over it*. She has been putting her own needs behind everyone else’s for far too long. Monica’s been having some come-to-Jesus conversations with those closest to her and she’s ready to make a big change.⁣

Monica is opting for a longer deficit because she feels she has a lot of weight to lose before feeling comfortable again – she wants to take the slow and steady route. She’s excited to hire a trainer and get back to regular exercise later in the year because she knows she can best build muscle, and therefor change her shape and size by eating enough (not less!) than what she needs. ⁣

What’s going on with Shannon? 🙋‍♀️⁣

Shannon wants to lose fat and gain muscle. Her old methods like running and skipping a few meals are just not working to control her weight or physique anymore. ⁣

She will spend the majority of the year eating to her needs while strength training with progressive overload which will change her body composition. During this time she might lose some fat, but that will be accelerated during her specific, short stint deficit phases. ⁣

What’s going on with Sherry? 💁‍♀️⁣

Sherry has been a fitness enthusiast for many years – she’s not a beginner. But she craves big, strong curves and she’s frustrated that her years of training haven’t really resulted in that goal physique. ⁣

She’s decided she needs to get out of the dieting mindset and actually feed her body to grow. She’s going to spend most of the year eating at or above her needs so she can create an environment fit for growing muscles ⁣

What’s going on with Nellie? 🙆‍♀️⁣

Nellie’s is chillin’ and loving the training routine she’s in. She may or may not have body composition or athletic performance goals, but she’s not particularly jazzed about anything right now. Because of that, she’s comfortable eating right around her needs most day of the week.

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