i do it to be healthy and/or i do it to look good naked

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I do it to be healthy AND//OR I do it to look good naked. ⁣⁣

Do you ever feel like you must pick between vanity goals and health goals? ⁣⁣
Maybe your friends give you sh$t about your eating habits because you already look fit, lean, and strong on the outside. For you, it’s a non-negotiable to eat for stress management, energy, focus and balanced moods – stuff you can’t see on the outside. ⁣⁣
Maybe you hate working out and the only way you’ll do it (and keep doing it!) is to focus on your strength, capacity, technique, or connections you build with other people in your sport. That’s healthy.⁣⁣
Maybe you signed up with that trainer because you were really bugged by that one part of your body. After awhile, it became less about the “trouble spot” and more about seeing new muscles define, feeling your body move differently through space, carrying yourself taller. ⁣⁣

The underlying motivation to commit to a particular nutrition and exercise routine is different for everyone. Sometimes it varies in different seasons of life. “Being healthy” means different things for different people. Just like “looking good naked” means different things to different people. ⁣⁣
Check yourself! It’s normal to ping back and forth between aesthetic goals and health goals. Only YOU get to define what either of those things look and feel like. Thought?