it’s ok to be ‘macro-ish’

Macro coaches out here like:⁣

“embrace the suck!”⁣
“nobody cares, work harder!”⁣
“keep grinding!”⁣


Don’t do this. ⁣

Let’s say your day was totally cray cray and it’s 3 PM by the time you’re sitting down to log your eats (healthy, whole foods tho!). What do you do when you’re left with a few hundred calories but falling short on one macro group?⁣

If you said “egg whites + ice chips” imma virtually slap you upside your head. ⁣

If there’s anything you should take away from this account it’s that we can “do macros differently”. We can lead with our hunger cues and food preferences and apply the numbers after. We can eat to our needs without getting obsessed with the prescription. We can be “macro-ish” and still see results. ⁣

Oh and here’s the tangible takeaway if you were looking for it: if you find yourself having blown your fats, carbs or both, but still have a few hundred calories to eat (and a whole ‘nother meal time to look forward to), reach for a balanced, protein dominant meal. Yes, one that has some real, whole food fats and carbs. Yes, even if it that means you’ll overeat your targets. ⁣

You know what matters more than “the numbers”?⁣

>> that you prepare a meal you actually enjoy eating⁣

>> that you provide an example to the tiny humans in your life of what whole food cooking looks like⁣

>> that you don’t ignore body signs and signals⁣

Hands up for a mindful macro approach 🙌🏻that doesn’t lose the forest through the trees. 

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