macro balanced real food combos

If you’re new here, the foundation of a mindful macros approach is eating protein, fat and carbohydrate foods together at meals to allow for balanced blood sugar. ⁣

Stable blood sugar is the key to ⁣
>> consistent energy levels⁣
>> positive moods⁣
>> optimized hormones⁣
>> improved mental clarity⁣
>> supported metabolism⁣
>> minimized sugar and carb cravings⁣
>> fewer hangry episodes⁣

If you’ve got 99 problems – eating macro balanced meals will probably solve 97 of them.⁣ Truly!⁣

PRotein helps to build muscle, improve body composition, and keep you full and satisfied.

Protein is also the only macro to raise your metabolic rate (read: metabolism) when you eat it. It’s always best to eat protein at each meal and spread across the day, rather than save it for one meal or limit it to one part of the day. 

Fat is the slowest digesting macro.

This means meals with enough fat make you feel fuller, longer – preventing hangry! They’re crucial for hormone function, a happy menstrual cycle, vitamin absorption and making food taste good. ⁣

Carbs help fuel workouts and support recovery.

Carbs also aid in digestion (read: fiber). They’re crucial for thyroid function, regulating sex hormones, and preventing whacky stress and cortisol issues. ⁣

After you’ve mastered macro balanced eating and you’re comfortable shaping your meals with all three, you’re ready to start tracking macros. You’re ready to answer the question, “ok, then how much?” by utilizing my [free] DIY macros guide and learning how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you need to fuel your active life. ⁣

Similarly!⁣ If you’re having trouble hitting your macro targets, one the best things you can do is back up and simplify things. Start by creating meals with a sizable portion of protein, fat and carbs from real, whole food ingredients and then tell me if you still have trouble eating to your needs. ⁣