macro tracking made easy: 6 stages to become a macro master

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Did you know there are distinct stages to macro tracking? From not knowing anything about what “macros” even mean or why you should track them, to being able to master counting and finding the flexibility — and freedom — that comes with confident macro tracking.

In this episode of Macros Made Easy, I share the six distinct stages that lead from being “Macro Huh?” to becoming a “Macro Master”. Throughout the episode, I offer practical tips and tricks to move from one stage to the next, making macro tracking more manageable, enjoyable and flexible. So join me to find out where you fall in the macro stages including:

stage 1 - macro huh?

In this initial stage of macro tracking, you may have literally just heard the word “macro” in the context of nutrition for the first time, and you’re probably not sure what macronutrients are or why you would track them. Maybe you’ve heard about counting macros or flexible dieting, but you can’t yet differentiate between it and other weight loss methods such as low carb, watching your calories, or a meal plan. 

In order to graduate from this stage, you’ll need to understand that tracking macros is less of a traditional weight loss tool and more like a skill you learn and apply to achieve any number of goals.

stage 2 - macro curious

You’re entering the “macro curious” territory if you have a basic understanding of macro tracking. Maybe you’ve dabbled in macro tracking by trying a tracking app or playing around with online calculators to set rough targets, but haven’t fully committed to following through on your targets quite yet.

Moving from this stage and into the next comes after you’ve “played in the sandbox” with your targets and actually tried to manipulate your meals with your macros in mind. Learn about the macros in various foods and craft balanced meals with a good mix of each macro. Even if you don’t hit your goals right away, using a food tracking app consistently will help you understand your eating habits better. Once you’ve spent some time in the “sandbox” and experimented with manipulating your meals to meet your macros, you’ll be ready to advance to the next stage like a pro!

stage 3 - macro annoyed

This stage of macro tracking is where many people get stuck. This is when you might find yourself either exceeding or falling short of your goals, leading to doubts about the worth of your efforts. You’re tracking your food when it’s convenient, but sometimes you end up creating “franken-meals” just to reach your targets. 

But fear not! Moving on from this stage is totally doable with the help of some simple tricks and strategies. Some tips to simplify the process include: using macro checkpoints, pre-planning your meals, and front-loading your macros. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll breeze through to the next stage like a champ!

stage 4 - macro determined

When you’ve made it to the determined stage of macro tracking, it still takes focus and effort, but you can hit your macro targets most of the time, ditching the “franken-meals” for balanced ones throughout the day. You’re even able to tweak family meals to fit your macros!

To progress further, keep tracking your macros no matter the situation – be it restaurants, social events, or buffets. The key is being able to adjust your meals and meet your macro goals by day’s end. Some practical ways to reach your macro targets and level up are: adjusting your portions, switching protein sources, adding healthy fats, choosing carb sources wisely, bulking your meals up with veggies, tracking as you go, and staying flexible!

stage 5 - macro hesitant

If you’re feeling macro hesitant, it’s like saying, “I got this?”. You can nail your macro targets when you’re in control of the food, but handling restaurant eats, social events, or being away from home may make you less confident. In this stage, you’re tracking your food most of the time, planning meals around your macros, and regularly pre-logging food in your diary.

To boost your tracking confidence, take note of body measurements, weight, progress pics, and improvements in strength, stamina, or power. Assess your hunger, satiety, energy, recovery, digestion, and sleep quality, as eating to your needs should improve these markers. If you notice positive trends, keep up the great work – you’re well on your way to mastering the art of macros!

stage 6 - macro master

Welcome to the ultimate stage of macro tracking – where confidence and flexibility rule! As a Macro Master, you’ve got it all under control. You can tweak carbs and fats to reach calorie goals with ease whenever needed. Dining out, social events, or outings? No sweat! You’ve become a pro at eyeballing food and estimating macros accurately. Plus, you can make on-the-spot adjustments to your meals, handling any situation like a boss. As a Macro Master, you enjoy your newfound macro freedom and reach your goals with ease!

Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your macro tracking skills, having a sense of self-awareness about where you fall in these six stages of macro tracking helps with visualizing the path forward. I hope this episode helped equip you with the knowledge and motivation to progress confidently on your journey to becoming a Macro Master!

Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to get more advice for reaching your health goals with a macros approach.

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