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Explore our tailored macro tracking and nutrition services, each designed to empower you on your journey to a stronger, leaner, fitter version of yourself. 

Eat to Lean offers group coaching, ideal for women who want personalized guidance in achieving their fitness goals while preserving food freedom. Macros Made Easy is a self-paced online course that teaches you how to track macros the stress-free way. This course caters to both newbie trackers with little experience with a macros approach as well as those who haven’t been successful with macros in the past. Lastly, our Custom Macro Calculation service eliminates the confusion of online calculators by delivering precise macro targets tailored to your unique needs. Learn more about each service below to better determine which is the best fit for you

Eat to Lean Group Coaching

Do any of these common struggles sound familiar to you? Fatigue in the afternoons, trouble waking up, lackluster workouts, weight loss resistance, an all-or-nothing mindset, weekend self sabotage, or uncertainty about maintaining your nutrition while traveling? The solution to these challenges lies in the high-touch, high-support coaching within Eat to Lean.

Eat to Lean is a group coaching program for women who want to get strong, be fit and feel lean without sacrificing food freedom and flexibility. This program is best for women who have mastered the basics of macro tracking, but need more personalized guidance in order to reach their particular goals. We’ll dig way beneath the surface to uncover what might be holding you back from seeing significant changes to your health, body composition and fitness. And, rather than working through nutrition, exercise and mindset changes alone, you get to do it alongside 35-40 other women who are in your exact shoes. Camaraderie and accountability are two of the best tools for success.

Enrollment for Eat to Lean typically happens every other month. Join the waitlist to be alerted when we onboard new clients into the program!

Your investment in Eat to Lean includes:

  • Custom macro targets set by Emily Field RD + adjustments when/if needed throughout your time in coaching
  • 4 months of weekly digital check-ins (16) with Emily Field RD and team where we’ll celebrate successes and work through struggles
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls (8) where you can learn from your peers or ask them for help
  • Access to Eat to Lean member portal
  • Access to Macros Made Easy member portal 
  • Access to Cronometer Gold
  • Access to a 16-week progressive overload strength training program (with at home or gym versions)

Macros Made Easy Course

Looking to master macro tracking independently? Explore Macros Made Easy, a self-paced online course that takes you on a stress-free journey to becoming a proficient macro tracker. 

Whether you’re a rookie or need a fresh perspective, MME provides a structured approach to understanding macro tracking. Gain knowledge about blood sugar balance, meal planning with macros, handling situations where control over food choices is limited, accommodating alcohol, adjusting macros when necessary, and much more. With a mix of written and video content, lifetime access to an online portal, and membership into our exclusive Facebook group, you’ll have all the resources you need become a macro master. Plus, enjoy direct access to dietitian and MME creator, Emily Field, through 4 live trainings during the 6-week course.

Hurry and join our waitlist as we launch this course just twice a year.

Investment in Macros Made Easy includes:

  • 6 mixed media modules designed to help you master macros in an easy, logical, step-by-step format. With videos, infographics, interactive components and more – because we know everyone learns differently!
  • step-by-step live event demonstrations to set and adjust your macros alongside macro experts so you know exactly how much to eat to achieve your goals (+ why!)
  • role-play + tracking practice opportunities so you’re never stuck in a circumstance you are not confident in when eating to support your goals
  • in-app screen shares + video demonstrations so you can build confidence in real world circumstances like tracking alcohol, estimating portions, dining out + more!
  • printable worksheets for grocery shopping + meal planning so you’ll never be stuck when you need them
  • 30 macro friendly recipes with 5 simple ingredients or less to keep your meal routine fresh and varied
  • support + community via a private Facebook group to connect with MME students + macro expert coaches

Custom Macro Calculations

Confused by the multitude of online macro calculators?

Say goodbye to uncertainty with our Custom Macro Calculation service. Designed to provide you with macro targets tailored to your unique needs, this one-time offering involves a thorough Health Assessment to understand your goals, challenges, current macro prescription, and history. The team, led by Emily Field RD, will calculate your personalized macro targets, ensuring they align with your lifestyle and aspirations. Trust in the precision of your prescription and personalized health recommendations, and witness the success that comes with it. Choose the Custom Macro Calculation to gain clear, concise direction on your nutrition journey.

Purchase a Custom Macro Calculation at any time!

Investment in a Custom Macro Calculation

  • total calorie goals and macronutrient gram goals​ – using your biometrics, health history, activity level, food preferences and more, we’ll create a “best fit” macro prescription for you.
  • justification for your macro targets​ – we’re all more likely to follow through with advice when we understand the reasoning, so I will walk you through how I determined your targets based on the background you provided.
  • comments about your bigger health picture​ – I’ll mention if I see something standing in your way of being successful, such as stress, inflammation, gut health and hormone issues. This way the progress you make with your macros won’t be limited by other health factors.
  • next steps and expectations​ – banish uncertainty about how long to follow macro targets, how to measure progress and how to adjust when the unexpected happens to your routine. I’ll answer these questions and more in detail so you can move forward in confidence.

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