make a macro upgrade to your snacks

Do you know what it feels like when you’re well fed?⁣

>> calm, consistent energy all day.⁣
>> full and satisfied between meals.⁣
>> restful sleep.⁣
>> clear, bright skin. ⁣
>> zero munchie cravings. ⁣
>> power for your workouts. ⁣
>> no tummy troubles. ⁣

Is your current grab-and-go snack delivering on that? Probs not. ⁣

Making the simple switch from a carb heavy packaged snack for a whole foods based, macro balanced one can mean the difference between:⁣

>> diving head first into the chip bag because you can’t wait for dinner – and calmly sitting down to your homemade meal that you’re just-enough hungry (not starving) for. ⁣

>> scavenging the kitchen for a second breakfast because you’re already annoyingly hungry a couple hours after eating – and cruising calmly through your morning with focus. ⁣

>> being known as the “snack lady” because you must always be prepared to prevent hangry – and leaving food at home where it belongs, feeling confident in your being satiated for hours. ⁣

Pictured here are a couple of rice cakes (C) + hummus (F) + deli turkey (P), cream cheese (F) + smoked salmon (PF) that will absolutely work harder for you than that sugar bomb in bar form.⁣

How can you upgrade your snacks to make them work harder for you? If you need help with this – download my 2 ingredient snack guide that will have you punching hangry in the face!

Download the 2 ingredient snack guide here