macro tracking for fat loss

Go slow to go fast. Go small to go big.⁣

Eating a little less than you need vs. eating a lot less than you need makes all the difference in your approach to fat loss.⁣

A sustainable, slower approach to fat loss means:⁣
>> achieving AND maintaining the results you set out for⁣
>> ending a yo-yo relationship with eating habits⁣
>> enjoying the process ⁣
>> avoiding diet jumping 
>> keeping hormones happy⁣
>> steering clear of sleep issues⁣
>> developing a food freedom mindset ⁣
>> practicing discipline and accountability to yourself (and not arbitrary food rules, plans or programs)⁣

Listen up: you’re a gosh darn adult and you’re are allowed to want to change your body. ⁣

>> You want to bring a competitive edge to the sport you love and trimming a little body fat from your frame enables you to do that. ⁣

>> You’re motived by asking the question “what if?” and there’s so much power in experimenting with nutrition out of sheer curiosity. ⁣

>> You know the number on the scale doesn’t reflect your health picture but you’d be more comfortable moving around a few pounds lighter. ⁣

>> You’re scared about the health conditions that run in your family so maintaining a leaner physique is important to you. ⁣

As a dietitian, I’m the professional you can lean on in order to do that in a safe and, dare I say, enjoyable way. ⁣

And because I have your best interests in mind – I might even convince you that you need to spend LESS time in a calorie deficit to achieve the leaner, stronger and more fit body you want. But, you’re safe here and there is room for fat loss goals in my corner of the internet.⁣