I overate carbohydrate macros, what should I do?

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“OMG that dessert was divine, but it was more carbs than I shoulda had.”⁣⁣

“I thought I grabbed the best option but after I logged it, I was really surprised by the carbs.” ⁣⁣
“That smoothie bowl was delicious, but man, it was way higher in carbs than I expected.”⁣⁣
Hold up! Let’s stop the macro shaming. ⁣

Each day that you attempt to track macros, you’re learning: ⁣⁣
>> what’s ActUaLlY in your favorite foods⁣⁣
>> which foods leave you hungry and munchie ⁣⁣
>> it’s hard to overeat on whole, real foods⁣⁣
>> preparing food at home is a challenge worth overcoming⁣⁣
>> nuts are not a great source of protein ⁣⁣
^^ that last one was for me⁣⁣
No one expects you to play an elaborate game of tetris – puzzle piecing your way to hitting your macros perfectly every single day. ⁣⁣
Look, I know it’s important to you to eat enough and feel your best, so what’s a girl to do in this situation?⁣⁣
Attempt to hit your calorie goals and your protein targets, while adjusting fats down to accommodate overshooting your carbohydrate targets.⁣⁣
>> Splitting cake with your girlfriends after lunch means you’ll hold back a little cheese or avocado later during taco night with the fam.⁣⁣

>> When you do get the chance to eat a meal after a day of errands, you’ll prepare something filling, high in protein and with lots of vegetables. ⁣⁣
>> Next time you order that acai smoothie bowl, you might ask for toppings like nuts or coconut shavings because you prefer it more balanced.⁣⁣
Don’t create macro stress for yourself. Flexible tracking will take you farther than perfection ever could.

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