mindset upgrade: holiday party edition

Eat like a bird in public because you can’t accurately track it?⁣

Been there! Seen it 1000 times!⁣

Picture this: you’re at your company holiday party this weekend and here’s a ton of food available.⁣

You’re looking at all the delicious eats, excited to grub, but anxiety rushes over you⁣

“I couldn’t even begin to guess the macros for this stuff.”⁣

“I could just fill up on the low calorie options to play it safe.”⁣

“I could try to estimate the portions, but I’d probably be wrong.”⁣

“I am starving now, but I should probably wait until I get home to have a real meal.”⁣

Naw.⁣ It’s time for a mindset upgrade. ⁣

Macro tracking shouldn’t have you paralyzed by perfection. If it does, you’re doing it wrong. ⁣

What the approach *can* do for you is teach you what your personally appropriate portions look like. It can serve as the basic nutrition education you never got in school. ⁣

All of a sudden you know how to craft a plate with a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates because you know which foods contain them. You confidently load up your plate because you have higher calorie needs as an active woman – heck you’re usually stuffed most days following your macro prescription! You feel full, satisfied and completely content eating a variety of different foods.⁣

Feels better, right?⁣

So, tell me, which plate do you think would have you refocused on cutie Travis from accounting (and not your growling stomach)? ⁣ ⁣

learn how much food is right for you