my 3 step approach to stop undereating and start fueling

Mindset + Macros + Metabolism. ⁣​​​​​​​​
That’s ^^ the magic formula that gets my clients stressing less about food, freeing up brain space for their passions, and fueling for their full life. They’re getting strong, feeling lean and gaining a ton of confidence because when they reprioritize supportive habits and take care of themselves, it seeps into every other area of their life. 

Here’s my 3 steps…

master macros

If you’re tracking macros and know for a fact that your prescription is set too low, they’re going to have to come up. Bump up your macros by 5-10% and hit your targets for a couple of weeks before bumping up again. Rinse and repeat until all the signs and symptoms of undereating have resolved.

If you’re not tracking macros but suspect that you’re undereating, this might be the time to start logging your food so you can better guarantee that your needs are being met on a daily basis.

Ultimately, your body will predict the speed at which you increase your calories and macros as long as you’re paying attention to hunger cues as well as other tell signs of undereating. It’s okay if you go slow, but you must increase over time.

Shift mindset

You can’t skip this part. Take some time to explore your fears around eating more – like deep, deep fears. Tease this out with journaling, conversations with people you trust, and/or through therapy.

Usually, the hang up is around gaining weight or getting physically bigger.

Explore what it means to you to be XX weight. What are the stories that you tell yourself about being XX size? Who talked about their weight or made you aware of your own?

Rewriting your relationship with your body through mindset work is essential for committing and dare I say, enjoying eating more.

optimize metabolism

If undereating is destroying your metabolism, eating more is one of the biggest ways to improve it. That said, there are other behaviors that will support those efforts: shift from cardio to strength training, eat nourishing whole real foods in macro balanced meals for blood sugar balance, develop great coping strategies to combat life’s stressors – just to name a few.

Improving metabolism after a history of undereating doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t work on it in a vacuum. It requires a look at exercise, sleep and stress (and food!) all together.

Now, you might be wondering, “how hard is it to just eat more and start feeling better?”, and to you, I’ll say, “good day, move along.”⁣​​​​​​​​
For others of you, “just eat more” is so, SO complicated. I hope you see from the dozens of questions I’ve answered over the past couple of weeks about this “undereating” topic that you’re not alone in your fears. ⁣​​​​​​​​
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