pizza that fits your macros

“Yeah it’s fine. Just order me the salad from Papa John’s.”⁣

“I have plenty of macros left for dinner. Enough for errm, 1 slice + 1 bite.”⁣

“If I just eat celery and carrots all day, pizza totally fits my macros.”⁣

👆ever been there?⁣

Tracking macros will teach you a lot about what’s in your eats – and sometimes that information can sting! Telling yourself you can just live without your favorite foods is a one way ticket to binge-ville. But the answer isn’t to save your entire days worth of calories just to be able to lick a few slices, either. ⁣

Tracking macros doesn’t inherently tell you what to eat, but you might find yourself making some changes to your normal eats to make your macros work harder for you. What if you could swap a few ingredients and enjoy the whole thing yourself AND hit your macro goals? I’m a huge fan of macro manipulate-able meals: ones where you can dial up and down your protein, fat and carbohydrates to fit both your preferences and needs. ⁣

Pulled chicken packs a protein punch. Cheese for fat and flavor. Grilled peaches because I’m bougie like that. I like big, filling meals so I’m looking at this combo like my own personal pizza which totally works because I’ve dialed in the ingredients to fit my macros. But, if I took my appetite to Domino’s, I’d overeat my needs and that’s just a fact.

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