snack upgrade: single macro snack to mixed macro snack

Friends don’t let friends eat skimpy snacks!⁣⁣
Seriously! If you’re still counting out almonds for your regularly scheduled mid-day snack, there’s a better way. ⁣Let me summarize the latest research on eating to change body composition… ⁣⁣
What doesn’t matter:⁣⁣
🚫number of meals you have in a day⁣⁣
🚫number of snacks you have in a day⁣⁣
🚫number of minutes between meals and snacks⁣⁣
What does matter:⁣⁣
✅total calories and macronutrients you have in a day⁣⁣
Think about snacks as mini-meals – requiring all the components that your main meals have: P, F and C. It’s a whole lot easier to meet your macro needs when each meal has a bit of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Not to mention – you’ll feel more full and satisfied by eating a mix of colors, flavors and textures, while dialing up that crunch-factor. ⁣⁣
Take my lead and DIY a mixed macro snack with jerky + nuts + dried fruit + popcorn! What are your favorite mixed-macro snacks?

download my two ingredient snack guide here