silly vs smart about investing in gym equipment

Not seeing results from your exercise routine? Here’s why. 

One of the most common things I hear from women who say they’re not seeing results from their exercise routine is that they don’t want to invest in XXX because of the expense. ⁣

>> They’re unwilling to invest in an effective training program with personalization and progressive overload. You know, something that’s intended to be followed for months (not weeks!). ⁣

>> They’re unwilling purchase heavier dumbbells, bands, kettlebells or a piece of equipment that has the potential to add TONS of new movements to their home gym set-up. ⁣

Stop being so silly, friend!⁣

You gladly spend dollars on great food but those macros aren’t gonna go toward building any muscle if you’re still repeating cookie-cutter programs with weights that are lighter than your grocery bags 😳⁣

I’m not denying there’s an expense associated with beefing up a home-gym or investing in an excellent trainer’s programming but these 2 things alone can mean the difference between seeing results or not. ⁣

And, I know you can name sEvEraL big mental and physical benefits that come from that active hour every single day – so why are you getting in your own way? Why are you holding yourself back getting strong?⁣