Sugar is Sugar, Right?

I talk about balanced eating for stable, balanced blood sugar – a lot. I believe if you understand this basic concept you unlock all the upper level nutrition strategies and can start to personalize your approach. You can always fall back on whole, real foods eaten in macro balance for stable blood sugar – and nothing else really matters. Thanks for the excellent image @missemmatroupe.

While the type of carbohydrates that we eat impacts blood sugar, that’s not the only thing. The amount of carbohydrate that we eat and what we eat carbohydrates with also matters. Eating too many carbohydrates or carbohydrates without adequate protein and fat can also lead to blood sugar spikes.

So, if you’re wondering how much carbohydrate (and protein and fat) is right for you, my DIY Macros Guide has the answer!

want to know how much food is right for you?