What is healthy?

Labeling food as “healthy” and “unhealthy” is just as troubling as creating lists of “good” and “bad”, “yes” and “no”.

You guys: It’s never about the chocolate. It’s your attitude toward the chocolate. It’s the things you say to yourself when you eat the chocolate. It’s how you feel after you eat the chocolate. It’s the decisions you make after AFTER you eat the chocolate.

Are we getting somewhere? Let’s get rid of these unnecessary labels that mean, well basically nothing.

If you’re tired of thinking of foods as black and white, I’m here to tell you that there is another way. But, fair warning, it will take some time to work on your mindset around food.

And working on mindset shifts around food and nutrition is what I work with so many of my clients on! I love helping them find their “nutrition gray area” where they can eat  – not because a food was “allowed” or “good” – but eat to fuel their body, support their athletic performance, and feel great!

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