two truths about drastic calorie deficits

Be ok with two truths: drastic calorie deficits can lead to weight loss and drastic calorie deficits are not sustainable.⁣

It started with colored containers from that big name program. You learned some basics about meal planning and portion controlling. It worked for a while and you lost weight! ⁣

Eventually, weight loss slowed to a stop and you started looking for something new to “get things moving in the right direction again”. ⁣

You jump on your fit friend’s super specific meal plan and even though there are a lot of rules, you’re committed to pushing yourself for weight loss. And it works! You’re down more pounds in a few weeks.⁣

Somewhere along the line, things are starting to feel a little uncomfortable. It’s unlike you to need a nap in the middle of the day. You’re feeling guilty about how short and snappy you’ve been with the kids. Night sweats, tossing, turning are just nightly things now?⁣

You find yourself unable to control snacking in the evening, even after a full day of clean eating – so annoying! Sometimes you’ll be head first in bag of tortilla chips and you don’t know how it happened!⁣

Maybe you’ll just make up for the extra calories by fasting all day tomorrow? ⁣

You just need more discipline. ⁣
You just need to be more dedicated to your goals. ⁣
You just need to buckle down.⁣

Mmmmmm…nah. ⁣

You can not live in the land of low calories forever.⁣

If you’re fortunate enough to have avoided plans, programs and systems that promise fast and drastic weight loss results – congratulations! Hang out here for awhile and you’ll see there are safe, sustainable and comfortable ways to release weight, should you want to.⁣

If you’re in the throes of diet jumping – feeling alone at sea, grasping at any weight loss promise that comes your way, hear this: more drastic is not the answer. You’re not getting where you wanna go with more rules or more restriction. ⁣

It’s ok that it worked for you for a short time and not forever. Don’t lose sight of how you’ll eat for life in your pursuit of extreme results. You get me?