what happens when you ignore the scale

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Can you believe I was scared to jump on the monkey bars at Tough Mudder?⁣⁣
This isn’t a before-and-after picture series. This is a what-happens-when-you-ignore-the-scale series. Let’s talk about the differences between 2016ish and 2020ish me. ⁣⁣
Body weight in the early pics? Around 140-145. Later pics? Around 155-160. ⁣⁣
Deadlift max in early pics? 155. In later pics, 155 for reps. And a surprise 3 rep max a few weeks ago at 300. ⁣⁣
I was the last working athlete at my first comp because I couldn’t complete the pull-up reps for my team. Now, I do this cool thing where I can do more strict ring muscle ups than kipping. ⁣

Focusing on the scale might not be working for you

Many of the women I talk to try to limit themselves to a narrow body weight range in which they feel comfortable. Had I done the same, because 145 was the highest I’d seen on the scale in my adult life, I would be a metabolic and hormonal disaster today.⁣⁣
Had I mistakenly thought that gain in scale weight meant “failure”, I would have significantly under-ate my needs to remain in that lighter weight range. I wouldn’t be able to SNIFF my current body shape and size – let alone my athletic feats. ⁣⁣

focusing on process goals instead of outcome goals will serve you better

By removing an outcome goal [getting to XX weight, being XX size, losing XX pounds, being XX percent body fat] and instead focusing on a process goal, you open endless possibilities for outcomes. ⁣⁣
Ask yourself what happens when you say things like:⁣⁣
>> I’m gonna throw my all at this training protocol for XX weeks and be open to how my body responds. ⁣⁣
>> I’m gonna eat enough of what my body needs to be active (not less than) for XX weeks and see what happens.⁣⁣
>> I’m gonna remove all formal cardio and simply walk instead to see what I gain.⁣⁣
>> I’m gonna remove “good” and “bad” language from the way I talk about food to see how my eating experience improves.⁣⁣

You see, when you set process goals, you remain curious about the outcome. The outcome is neutral. You never fail. I can guarantee you have higher self esteem, better body image, and more overall satisfaction when you do.

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