the most important macro when tracking

“I am going to miss my macro targets – what should I do?”⁣

>> you get invited to dinner at your neighbors last minute but you had a meal waiting for you at home (it was even pre-logged in your diary and everything!) ⁣

>> it’s been the longest day ever and you just don’t feel like making food but restaurant options are always high fat and low protein.⁣

>> you forget your go-to snacks at home and have to piecemeal something together from the lousy options around town while running errands.⁣

>> gotta play Saturday sports chauffeur for the kids and their friends. Add up all the bites and tastes of this and that, you’re no where near your macros. ⁣

So, what’s the next best scenario?⁣

Attempt to get close to your calorie goals and protein targets, while letting carbohydrates and fats fall where ever they might. ⁣

You got this! ⁣

Resist the urge to throw your hands in the air and give up on tracking when you can’t be perfect. Perfection is not required for results. ⁣

Leave that nonsense in your former life where rules and rigidity reigned over your eating habits