what you thought I said: if you eat more, you will lose weight

If you’ve been around this account long enough, you’ve probably heard me give the recommendation to “eat more” fairly often.

If you’ve only heard the advice to eat less for weight loss or maybe, you’ve only been successful with weight loss attempts that have you eating a LOT less – that’s probably hella confusing to hear.

Eat more has a lot of meanings >>

  • eating more protein at each meal increases metabolic rate
  • eating more protein means a better chance to build muscle mass which increases metabolic rate
  • eating more calories lowers your stress hormone, cortisol
  • eating more non-starchy vegetable, high volume foods means more fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • eating more calories increases metabolism
  • eating more food provides more energy for effective workouts
  • eating more allows for appropriate recovery from exercise
  • eating more whole foods means more micronutrients which allow for proper metabolic processes
  • eating more mixed macro meals balances your blood sugar and keeps you fuller, leading to fewer occurrences of overeating
  • eating more textured and colorful foods might mean better support for gut health

Eating more is exactly what you need but might not be for the reason(s) you think. EXPAND your view of food and nutrition – weight loss is not the end-all-be-all goal.

Eating more likely benefits you in a variety of ways, including any of the reasons on the list above.

Maybe you’re sitting there thinking, “ok Emily but how much more do I need to eat?” and I gotchu! 💥💥💥

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