maintenance: think range of calories, not a fixed number

“I hurt my shoulder and am going to be less active than I normally am. Should I change my macros?”

“In the summer, I am more active with the kids out of school. Should I change my macros?”

“Vacation was great – I enjoyed allll the good eats! Now that I’m back, should I change my macros?”


A couple things you need to understand first:

>> you don’t burn the exact same amount of calories every day. Consider rest days are different than active days. Days you sleep in will be different than days you wake early and stay out late. Dancing at your best friend’s wedding is different than Netflix and chill.

>> you don’t consume the exact same amount of calories every day. Consider errors in tracking, estimations at restaurants, rounding on nutrition labels. Days you don’t log your eats until the end of the day. Days where you had more bites, licks and tastes of your kids’ plates.

It’s highly likely that you can actually support your body and maintain your scale weight by eating a range of calories – we call this maintenance calories.

Should I change my macros, tho?

My answer: probably not.

And you wanna know something cool?

You can actually increase your maintenance calories 🤯 by breaking up with chronic dieting, banning yo-yo diet cycles and engaging in a strength training routine with progressive overload.

So the next time you think you need to change your macros due to temporary circumstances, think again. Your body can totally handle a little fluctuation in calories in vs. calories out.

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