why you should get your macro targets set by a professional

Repeat after me: your macros should fit YOU. You shouldn’t have to fit YOUR MACROS.⁣

You prefer plant-based eats. Wouldn’t it be nice if the calculator knew that before spitting out an impossible protein to carbohydrate ratio? I can guarantee you’re gonna start hating life if you try to commit to chalky powders and hockey puck bars to make those targets work.⁣

You’re breastfeeding and getting back into regular exercise after giving birth. You’re sure as hell not going to let your goals to fit in your pre-baby jeans overshadow making enough macros for baby. A trained pro knows the difference between a deficit that drops supply and one that doesn’t.⁣

You’re riding the waves of peri-menopause. Even though you’re highly active, carb sensitivity drops as we age. Don’t you think a little chat about your hormone ish would be important to have before pressing submit and getting some generic targets?⁣

You’re not sure if you wanna be leaner or stronger – or both? You’re stuck between wanting to see definition in your arms and wanting to string together pull-ups. I would hate to see you failing to progress in strength to see a specific scale weight.⁣

Wouldn’t it be nice to exchange a few words before committing to macro targets? Don’t you think your eating habits and preferences are nuanced?⁣

I do!⁣

Enter: the Personalized Macro Calculation. Answer several questions pertaining to your health, habits and preferences – yes, the whole story! My RD team + I will use our human brains (and combined expertise) to customize your targets to you.⁣

You’ll learn WHY they’re set where they are, what to expect from consistency and logical next steps for your nutrition and training. And, if there’s anything that stands out about your health picture (wonky hormones, weirdo gut stuff, inflammation woes), I’ll be sure to call attention to it, offer some brief recommendations and refer you to resources if you need them.⁣