reverse dieting for fat loss

Want a short and painless fat loss phase? ⁣

The time you spend NOT dieting matters.⁣ Enter: reverse dieting.

Contrary to popular belief, metabolism is not stagnant – it can be increased or decreased depending on a number of factors.⁣

Reverse dieting is the process of gradually increasing calories and macronutrients slowly over time for the purpose of improving metabolism. Imagine losing fat on 1800 calories instead of 1200 – or 2250 calories instead of 1650 calories. The fat loss phase becomes so much more painless from a hormonal and psychological perspective when you spend significant time reverse dieting from your previous low calorie intake. ⁣

You can’t live in a calorie deficit forever. And, a calorie deficit isn’t always what you need! To develop a lean, strong physique (and do it without feeling like garbage!) you should phase your nutrition throughout the year. ⁣

The purpose of reverse dieting is to recover and enhance metabolic capacity so you can:⁣
>> minimize body fat gain after a period of fat loss⁣
>> support increased strength training + conditioning⁣
>> enjoy more food⁣
>> undo metabolic effects of long term dieting such as low sex hormones, low thyroid, high cortisol, poor sleep, GI issues, fatigue, mental fog, etc.
⁣>> prime your body for future fat loss ⁣

Pretty neat, huh? What questions do you have about the reverse dieting strategy?