being silly versus smart about tracking macros

Tracking macros isn’t the magic sauce to getting results. ⁣

I might be shooting myself in the foot for saying this but…asking my clients to track macros has less to do about hitting targets and more to do with⁣

>> understanding your own trends⁣
>> staying accountable to your goals⁣
>> knowing how your social circle influences your eating⁣
>> becoming more aware of your food environment⁣
>> learning what’s aCtuALly in your food ⁣
>> connecting what you eat with how it makes you feel ⁣

Here’s what we know from the research: the simple act of logging food in some way is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful when it comes to achieving nutrition related goals.⁣

So don’t skip tracking on the weekends!⁣

Even if you “don’t know what’s in it”⁣
Even if you didn’t plan ahead⁣
Even if you’re gonna be over your needs⁣
Even if you’re not even close to your targets⁣
Even if your weekend plans fall apart⁣

All that matters is the consistency in your act and the data that you gather from the experience. Will you be among the successful and log your eats this weekend?⁣