why track macros over calories?


1. Influence body weight⁣
2. There is no number 2. See number 1.⁣

“Calories” refers to the overall energy a food contributes. Manipulating calorie intake influences only one thing – body weight.⁣
>> gain⁣
>> loss⁣
>> maintenance⁣

“Macros” refers to the composition of a food. Manipulating macro intake influences many things:⁣
>> lean muscle gain⁣
>> body fat gain⁣
>> lean muscle loss⁣
>> body fat loss⁣
>> feelings of hunger and fullness ⁣
>> blood sugar balance and stability⁣
>> hormone balance⁣
>> sleep quality and duration⁣
>> stable, consistent energy ⁣
>> energy for high intensity activity⁣
>> cravings for sweet, salt, or crunch⁣
>> so much more!⁣

Tracking macros puts you in the driver’s seat of how you want to feel, look and perform. By manipulating the protein, fat and carbohydrate content of food and therefore, what the body receives – we give gentle direction. ⁣

Put another way: if macros are like the language our body speaks, tracking macros is like learning how to speak that language right back to your body to give it instruction. ⁣

How powerful is that, Pinky?⁣
Pretty freaking powerful, Brain. ⁣

If you care about the measure of gravity against your body – you might concern yourself with the total energy food contributes i.e. calories. ⁣

If you care about how you feel, how you look, how you perform – concern yourself with the components of food i.e. macros. ⁣

Is it starting to make a little more sense now? What kind of gentle direction are you giving your body with the food you eat?