create your own mixed macro snacks

Playing macro tetris is literally the worst.⁣

You know the feeling: you’re in a hurry and you grab a benign looking bar from the cafe counter in between errands. You log it and move on.⁣

Now, it’s 7:48 PM, you glance at your diary.⁣

“What has 74 g carbs and -4 g fat?”⁣

“Will the BF notice if I make chicken real quick?”⁣

“The package said high protein, but the package was def a liar!” ⁣

There’s a time and place for bars, shakes and mixed macro snacks with set ingredients. But, by far, the best way to meet your macro needs, feel full and satisfied all while getting a ton of nutrients is to have a hand in making your meals and snacks. ⁣

Your food should work FOR YOU. Dial up and down the protein, fat and carbohydrate content to meet your needs:⁣
+/- popcorn⁣
+/- apricots⁣
+/- raisins⁣
+/- walnuts⁣
+/- jerky⁣

Each time you eat you’re seizing an opportunity to look, feel and perform differently – both right now and much later. Your body is reading the instructions you give it through food: eating to your personal macro needs allows you to provide gentle direction. What are your favorite mixed macro snacks?⁣

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