fixed vs growth mindset in exercise

Speaking with a growth mindset is music to my ears. ⁣

I can’t WAIT to see you prove yourself wrong and grow in ways you didn’t think you could 🤜🤛⁣

Do you ever catch yourself using limiting self talk? Here are a few examples of how this sounds with fixed mindset:⁣
>> I’ll never be able to do XYZ⁣
>> It’s just not in my DNA⁣
>> I’ve always been this way; this is just who I am⁣
>> I don’t have the time to⁣

On the flip side, with a growth mindset you might say things like:⁣
>> I’m going to need to practice⁣
>> I’d like to learn how to do XYZ⁣
>> This is really challenging right now⁣
>> It will take a lot of effort⁣
>> I’ll have to put in some hard work⁣

Fixed and growth mindsets sit on opposite ends of a mindset spectrum. When you start taking ownership of developing your skills and abilities, you become more coachable. ⁣

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