what happens when you don’t phase your macros

Dieting is not a lifestyle.⁣⁣
In case you didn’t know: a calorie deficit or eating less than your body needs for the purpose of fat loss is meant to be a short term phase – not the dominant theme or your year (year after year).⁣

Sustainable fat loss phases are earned after spending a significant amount of time NOT attempting to do so – most of the year, in fact. Yes, even if you want to lose a significant amount of weight. ⁣

So what happens if you don’t purposefully eat *enough* to support your body and instead attempt to white-knuckle your way through a restrictive diet plan or program?⁣

*see above*⁣

Lest you not forget, your body will win this battle. If you do try to eat less and less and move more and more, it’s only a matter of time before the binge-monster rears it’s ugly head – before you’re wolfing down your kids leftover pizza after handfuls of crackers + cheese standing over the trash can. ⁣If the binge restrict cycle continues, no doubt you’ll erase the progress that you might have made up until that point.

There’s a better way – ⁣
⁣>> plan to eat about as much as your body needs most of the year⁣
>> make your fat loss phase long enough to see some change in your physique but short enough so you can stay committed (usually this is 12, 16 weeks)⁣
>> make a plan for after your fat loss phase ⁣

Need help knowing how much food it takes to support your active, full life? Or maybe you want to know what a moderate (not totally foolish) deficit might look like? ⁣

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