fixed vs growth mindset in weight loss

You wanna know how I know someone will be successful in a coaching relationship?

If they have a growth oriented mindset instead of a fixed oriented mindset. That said, people with a fixed mindset usually don’t pursue coaching in the first place 💡that’s because in seeking help for your health and nutrition you (at some level) believe that you can pivot based on what you learn, practice or experience.

Do you ever catch yourself using limiting self talk? Here are a few examples of how this sounds with fixed mindset:
>> I’ll never be able to do XYZ
>> It’s just not in my DNA
>> I’ve always been this way; this is just who I am
>> I don’t have the time to

On the flip side, with a growth mindset you might say things like:
>> I’m going to need to practice
>> I’d like to learn how to do XYZ
>> This is really challenging right now
>> It will take a lot of effort
>> I’ll have to put in some hard work

Fixed and growth mindsets sit on opposite ends of a mindset spectrum. When you start taking ownership of developing your skills and abilities, you become more coachable.

Where are you on the mindset spectrum? 👀

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