focus on healthy fats vs whole food carbs

Ever wonder why you just can’t “make it work” with that meal plan?

Maybe you’ve caught yourself thinking you just have to “try harder” to stay committed to the “yes” list on that fancy program.⁣

Fruit has too much of this!⁣
Nuts have too much of that!⁣

Wait, what order do I need to eat that in?⁣
Don’t eat this after what time?⁣

It will make your head spin!⁣ ⁣

We know that the BEST eating pattern for you is the one that you enjoy because that's the one you can commit to - consistently.

It should be easy and (at least) make sense to you!⁣

The food freedom that tracking macros brings my clients makes them far more successful in achieving their health, body composition and athletic performance goals because they regularly make decisions that fit their food preference – not arbitrary rules.⁣

Pictured here are two breakfast bowls with a steel cut oat base:⁣

>> topped with fat-rich goodies like coconut shavings, nut butter, chia seeds makes it a higher fat bowl. ⁣

>> topped with carb-rich goodies like fresh and dried fruit makes it a higher carb bowl.⁣

Calories are insignificant in this example – it’s the macros that matter because food preference matters!