weight loss goals vs. habit based goals

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by trying to control something you basically have no control over.⁣

Listen up – if you’re a strength training woman with goals to get leaner, stronger or more fit – your scale weight should be the last thing you use to measure progress, success or failure. ⁣

What if I told you that you don’t have a weight problem?⁣
That you don’t even have a body fat problem?⁣

If you’re like many of the women I work with, you have a lack of lean muscle problem, which is a direct result of⁣

*wait for it*⁣

Trying to lose weight.⁣

Cutting out food groups to see loss⁣
Skipping meals to see loss⁣
Creating a drastic deficit to see loss ⁣
Fasting to see loss⁣
Counting calories (not macros) to see loss ⁣

….doesn’t make for an environment to develop a leaner, stronger, fitter you. ⁣

You need adequate calories, protein and a structured strength program for that to happen. Miles and miles on the dreadmill coupled with eating less and less is literally the opposite of what you should do to achieve what you’re looking for.⁣

Look, I totally hear you on wanting to shut 2020 in a broom closet under the stairs and never speak of her ever again. With that sentiment probably comes some big health, body composition and athletic performance goals for the New Year. ⁣

But, all your attempts to lose weight will not get you there.⁣

Flip the script this year and brainstorm the actions you do have control over, the habits you can commit to most of the time that actually impact lean muscle gain.⁣

scale loss 🚫 leaner⁣
lighter 🚫 stronger⁣
thinner 🚫 fitter ⁣

If you need some suggestions for what those actions and habits could be, consider applying for coaching with my team!