food stresses me out

If you LOVE food, but it also kinda stresses you out – you sound like many of the women I work with. ⁣

You’re not wrong for feeling this way. With fear mongering clickbait headlines that make us feel like we can’t trust our bodies, it can be hard to sit in a single feeling (let alone pure joy) while we eat. Sometimes the inner dialogue about what’s on our plates is SO loud:⁣

Is this too much?⁣
Is this not enough?⁣
Will this hurt me?⁣
You’re eating again?⁣
Do I need this?⁣
How do I know what I need?⁣
Am I satisfied? ⁣
I’m hungry, right?⁣
What would satisfy me⁣
Is this good for me?⁣

Food should bring pleasure. It’s an expression of care for yourself and others. Let it be a form of communication. But don’t let it have so much power that it overwhelms you. ⁣

If, through a little education and focus, your internal dialogue about food and eating does not improve, it’s worth it to work that out alongside a professional.

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