high achiever vs impossibly high standards

Perfectionism is a socially acceptable self defeating belief. You may get lots of positive reinforcement for this mindset that leaves you open to pain, frustration, and negative emotions. ⁣

I am thrilled when you put your trust in me enough to work on the “stuff between your ears” but sometimes, you might not be ready for change even though you may desperately want to. ⁣

I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make them drink – and look, that’s a real expensive trip to the watering hole if you’re investing in coaching and not actually able to work on your mindset at the same time 🤐 ⁣

Here’s how perfectionism shows up with fat loss or weight loss:⁣

>> you’re driven by a fear of gaining weight or losing your results⁣

>> you’re constantly thinking about your body, obsess over your flaws⁣

>> you ignore areas that you’ve grown or improved, and see only that you are not yet physically “there” ⁣

>> you look for validation of success and failure in the scale weight number ⁣

>> you obsess over the most optimal way to do everything, resulting in overwhelm and losing the forest through the trees⁣

>> you feel guilty when you don’t prioritize productivity, ultimately compromising on rest and recovery ⁣

I’m curious if you see yourself here! if you have a nagging voice in the back of your head, what helps you keep it quiet?⁣

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